Natural Night Preserves
Skykeepers founded
September 1, 1999

Credit: Cindy & Dan Duriscoe and the NPS Dark Sky Team

Out state and national parks are some of the only places we can go to experience a truly dark night and a naturally dark sky.

National Park Service Interim Outdoor Lighting Guidelines (DRAFT) 1/30/2007

Natural Night Preserves (Dark Sky Preserves)
Lake Hudson Dark Sky Preserve -   The Dark Sky Preserve at Lake Hudson State Recreation Area near Clayton, Michigan, is our nations first "Dark Sky Preserve".
Michigan’s First Dark Sky Preserve - by The Amateur Astronomers of Jackson
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Torrance Barrens - Dark Sky Reserve  - The Torrance Barrens is a Conservation Reserve consisting of 1990 hectares of crown land south-east of Bala, which is administered by the Province of Ontario. The first of its kind in Canada, the Torrance Barrens is now officially recognized as a Dark Sky Reserve.
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McDonald Dark Sky Park - The park is tucked against Sumas Mountain, mid-way between the cities of Abbotsford and Chilliwack, British Columbia.
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Our State and National Parks as Natural Night Preserves
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National Park Service: Natural Lightscapes, a product of our NPS Night Sky Team,  “Starry night skies and natural darkness are part of the special places we protect. National Parks hold some of the last remaining harbors of darkness and provide an excellent opportunity for the public to experience this disappearing resource.â€�
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Night Sky Quality Monitoring at Death Valley NP, California
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Hodgdon Meadow Trailer Replacement & Utilities Improvement Project Environmental Assessment July 2007 .pdf
Search this PDF for "Lighting"
Improper outdoor lighting can impede the view and visitor enjoyment of a natural dark night sky. Recognizing the roles that light and dark periods and darkness play in natural resource processes and the evolution of species, the Service will protect natural darkness and other components of the natural lightscape in parks. ...

Dark Sky Parks and Preserves , at
Media Coverage

New Dark Sky Preserve  Sherwood Park News, Canada - Sep 13, 2006  ... The area was designated a dark sky preserve to reduce light pollution over the area,  which will in turn make the stars more visible over the area, and create a ... 
Where the Stars Come Out  ABC News - Sep 13, 2006  ... dedicated to preserving the night sky and offering stargazers a place to view the heavens with as little interference from man-made light pollution as possible ...

28 DEC  2008
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