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September 1, 1999
Government Resources - This page provides resources for contacting government at all levels as well as other government related links.

Outdoor Lighting Regulations in California,  a review and analysis of General Plans, Zoning, Municipal Codes, Design Guides and Environmental Documents.


California Sate Government Home Page
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Home Page
Assembly, California State
Senate, California State
State Agencies Directory
California Coastal Commission
California Code of Regulations
California Energy Commission (CEC) Web Site
California Science Center
California State Fair (Cal Expo)
California State Parks,
California Resources Agency
CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)
CERES (California Environmental Resources Evaluation System), CERES is an information system developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data describing California's rich and diverse environments. The goal of CERES is to improve environmental analysis and planning by integrating natural and cultural resource information from multiple contributors and by making it available and useful to a wide variety of users.
Conservation, Department of
Railroad Museum, California State


El Dorado County

Placer County
County agencies
County Supervisors
Cities -
City of Roseville

Sacramento County, link to the home page -

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Community Council Meetings

District Boundaries

Roger Dickinson - District 1    (916) 874-5485  
Chief of Staff, Cortez Quinn       Map District 1by zip code  (.pdf)
District ZIP Codes - 95626, 95652, 95660, 95814, 95815, 95817, 95820,
95833, 95834, 95835, 95836, 95837, 95838, 95842, 95673

Jimmie R. Yee - District 2    (916) 874-5481
Chief of Staff, Linda Kimura      Map District 2by zip code  (.pdf)
District ZIP Codes - 95818, 95822, 95823, 95824, 95828, 95829, 95831, 95832

Susan Peters - District 3     (916) 874-5471
Chief of Staff, Howard Schmidt    Map District 3 by zip code  (.pdf)
District ZIP Codes - 95608, 95628, 95816, 95819, 95821, 95825, 95841, 95842

Roberta MacGlashan - District 4    (916) 874-5491
Chief of Staff, Ted Wolter        Map District 4 by zip code  (.pdf)
District ZIP Codes - 95610, 95621, 95628, 95630, 95662, 95671, 95843

Don Nottoli - District 5   (916) 874-5465
Chief of Staff, Pat Braziel       Map District 5 by zip code (.pdf)
District ZIP Codes - 94571, 95615, 95624, 95632, 95638, 95639, 95641, 95655,
95670, 95680, 95683, 95690, 95693, 95742, 95757,  95758, 95826, 95827, 95828,
95829, 95830,  95832,

The Sacramento County  Planning Department
The Planning Projects Viewer - Check on development projects within the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County
The Sacramento County General Plan Update Website
Community Planning Councils
Community Planning Advisory Councils,

Other County Wide Departments / Organizations
Sacramento Regional Transit
SEC-Sacramento Environmental Commission
Sacramento Public Library note link on Echolocical Light Pollution Page to Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting
Street Light and Highway Safety Lights  Russ Childers (916) 875-5745

Cities -
City of Citrus Heights City of Elk Grove
City of Folsom
City of Galt
City of Isleton
City of Rancho Cordova

City of Sacramento
Mayor and City Council Web Site
Email City Council & Staff,
Mayor Heather Fargo, hfargo@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 1, Ray Tretheway,  rtretheway@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 2, Sandy Sheedy, ssheedy@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 3, Steve Cohn, scohn@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 4, Robert King Fong, rkfong@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 5, Lauren Hammond, lhammond@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 6, Kevin McCarty, KMcCarty@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 7, Robbie Waters, rwaters@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
District 8, Bonnie Pannell, bpannell@cityofsacramento.orgremovethis, 
City Council Agenda and Summary
Email City Council & StaffDepartments and Services,
Development Services Department,  all links below are under this department.
   Sacramento City General Plan Update
   Sacramento City Codes are online in a searchable format.  See also review of city codes at Outdoor Lighting Regulations in Calif.
   Planning Division,
   Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental Impact Reports prepared by City of Sacramento, Environmental Planning Services
   Planning Commission,   The agenda is available for public review on the Friday prior to the meeting.
   Design Commission, Develop and recommend to the city council urban design policies
   Preservation Commission,
     Standard Specifications, Street Lights/Signals (pdf)

Lighting Ordinances, Zoning etc. in Sacramento County

San Joaquin County

Sutter County

Yolo County

Other Local Government Organizations

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
See the local Links page for SMUD Workshops and seminars
Stone Lakes NWR Partnerships ( a good source for local Orginizations )

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page
About the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Sacramento Office Directory
Contacts for Endangered Species Grants (.pdf)
Environmental Contaminants Program - ( Note:  Light Pollution is not included in the Contaminants list.)

24 OCT 2007
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