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Light  Pollution
Light Pollution _ addresses the how and why of Light Pollution and its effects on astronomy, both Amateur & Professional.
Light  Pollution pages by Astronomical Society of South Australia
SkyNews Editors' Choice Photo of the Week # 94,
The August 14, 2003 Blackout Night and Light Pollution


Environment Links

The Institute for Ecological Health  The Institute for Ecological Health facilitates harmony between human communities and their natural ecosystems. We link the conservation of rural landscapes and a viable agricultural economy to the conservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat, native biodiversity and ecological functions.
Environmental Activist  - Environmental News from World News.

SeaChange reversing the tide on global warming   SeaChange is a project of Ocean Alliance 
SeaChange: Reversing the Tide, a performance piece that uses science and poetry to urge us all to make sustainable living our primary goal.   A work by Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne
Redshift Productions Redshift Productions fosters the vision that everyone has a stake in the scientific endeavor. Using the arts as a means of communication, Redshift provides opportunities for scientists to share their work, and for the public to explore the universe through the unique perspective of science.

Energy - Lighting
SMUD Workshops and seminars  courses include lighting, architecture etc.
The Role of Lighting in a Wellness-Centered Environment, Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Advanced CPTED - Three-day training, Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Advanced Lighting Technology,  Tuesday, June 19, 2007
External Lighting of Historic Buildings (.pdf)  English Heritage, building. English Heritage seeks to ensure that any works to a historic building do not disturb or destroy historic fabric. In deciding how best to illuminate a building, the principles of minimum intervention and reversibility should be adopted whenever and wherever possible.


SMUD Seminar - Advanced CPTED - Three-day training, Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Photobiology and Pathology - Links relating to Light at Night, melatonin, circadian rhythm, etc. on human health.

A Google Search for Light pollution, melatonin suppression and cancer growth
Light pollution, melatonin suppression and cancer growth. ( Google Scholar )
Melatonin-Depleted Blood from Premenopausal Women Exposed to Light at Night Stimulates Growth of …  ( Google Scholar )
Melatonin and cancer risk: does light at night compromise physiologic cancer protection by lowering … ( Google Scholar )

Light, Endocrine Systems and Cancer A Meeting Report (.pdf), International Symposium Light, Endocrine Systems and Cancer held May 2-3, 2002
Light. pollution at night reduces melatonin synthesis and secretion and hence .... suppression and cancer progression” results were presented on the ...

The potential of melatonin in reducing morbidity–mortality after craniocerebral trauma,   M.D. Maldonado,  R. J. Reiter and others
Melatonin reduces the toxicity... Finally, melatonin crosses the blood–brain barrier and reduces contusion volume and stabilizes cellular membranes preventing vasospasm and apoptosis of endothelial cells that occurs as a result of CCT.
Journal of Pineal Research, Volume 42 Issue 1 Page 1-11, January 2007

Towards rational and evidence-based use of melatonin in prostate cancer prevention and treatment,   Stephen Y. W. Shiu
The rational use of melatonin in prostate cancer prevention, stabilization of clinically localized favourable-risk prostate cancer and palliative treatment of advanced or metastatic tumour is discussed within the context of the molecular pathogenesis of the disease.
Journal of Pineal Research,  Volume 43 Issue 1 Page 1-9, August 2007

Signaling mechanisms of melatonin in antiproliferation of hormone-refractory 22Rv1 human prostate cancer cells: implications for prostate cancer chemoprevention,   Chun W. Tam, Chi W. Mo, Kwok-Ming Yao, Stephen Y. W. Shiu
"Taken together with the known molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer progression and transition to androgen independence, our data provide strong support for melatonin to be a promising small-molecule useful for prostate cancer primary prevention and secondary prevention of the development and progression of hormone refractoriness."
Journal of Pineal Research,  Volume 42 Issue 2 Page 191-202, March 2007

Sacramento County Ordinances and review of codes.




05 OCT 2007

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