Mission Vision and Values
skykeepers.org founded September 1, 1999


Support the world wide efforts of the International Dark-Sky Association to reduce light pollution and restore the natural night time sky.

Educate the public, citizens groups, environmental advocacy groups, governmental agencies and government officials about light pollution and how it is affected by luminaire design, selection, installation and air pollution.

Promote the use of full cutoff and shielded lighting to significantly reduce light intrusion and direct glare.

Make our communities aware that the continued use and installation of poorly designed lighting results in massive energy waste adversely effecting the economy of the local community and our state.

Convince our community at all levels that restoration and preservation of the natural night time sky is desirable and achievable.

Promote the use of energy efficient lighting and support all efforts to reduce air pollution.

That children of this and future generations will once again be able to step out side their home, look up into the night sky and see the Milky Way.

That in the future energy in California will not be wasted to produce direct glare, light trespass or incidentally light the night sky.

The dark sky is a integral part of the natural environment and as such it must be preserved.

We believe that safety and security are promoted through use of properly shielded and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting which
follows accepted practice and standards.


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05 OCT 2007
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