Natural Night Activism
Skykeepers founded
September 1, 1999
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Natural Night Activism is simply "spreading the word".

Be a voice in the community regarding Outdoor Lighting and how it relates to Light Pollution.

Light Pollution Information

Here are a number if informational handouts you can use to spread the word

"An Introduction to the Issues of Light Pollution "  a very nice one stop handout although some what dated. Created by long time dark sky activists Bob Crelin  (.pdf 62k) 
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"Better Lights for Better Nights" another wonderful creation by Bob Crelin and published by the Dark Sky Society (.pdf 44k)
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"Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting" this handout provides very basic understanding of good and bad light fixtures. (.pdf 1250k)
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"Ecological Light Pollution" in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (.pdf 300k)
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"Lighting for the human circadian clock: recent research indicates that lighting has become a public health issue" by Dr. Stephen M. Pauley  (.pdf 178k)
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Light Pollution: The Neglected Problem An article by John Batinsey, member of the Eatontown, New Jersey, Environmental Commission, summarizing the aspects of LP (A version of this article appeared with the same title in the Winter 1994 issue of ANJEC Report, the journal of the New Jersey Environmental Commissioners.)
Example letters you can send to help fight the light pollution problem in New Jersey.

Information Sheets Provide by the International Dark-Sky Association - IDA provides nearly 200 sheets on varying topics.

SELENE Resources - the hadout and other resources page of SELENE of NY 
Media Coverage

05 OCT 2007
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