Light Shields & Modifications
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September 1, 1999

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California's Golden Light Shields & Modifications
Across the US and Around the World
Appleton Electric,  9377 W. Higgins Road  Rosemont, IL 60018  Phone: 847-268-6000  Fax: 800-356-4714
Appleton Electric

Polyester AARP-2ST (.pdf) and Deep Dome Reflectors CMR-4DD (.pdf)

Shield for Appleton Industrial Fixtures, see Industrial Luminaires
IDA-Newsletter #42 (June 2000),  IDA-Newsletter #45 (March 2001)
General Electric Lighting Systems  Hendersonville, NC 28739
GE ELS series shield for roadway lighting

• ELS-M2A : For M-250A2 (360° shield)
• ELS-M2R : For M-250R2 (360° shield)
• ELSHS-M4R : House side light shield for M400 and M400A non-cutoff, house and street side light shield for MSRL/MSCL/MDRL/MDCL. More views - Larger,
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting,  701 Millennium Blvd  Greenville, SC 29607  864.678.1000  864.678.1065 (fax)
NPU-BI ( Hubble Sky Cap )
Full Cutoff, Fits on all Dusk to Dawn Luminaires, available as NITE-TO-LITEtm SKYCAP
Also available through Green Earth Lighting
Also available through Starry Night Lights
IDA Information Sheet 103 & Hubbell SkyCap shield page
PVLV visor, mounted on PRS fixture.

Fits on a number of Hubbell Wall Packs.
LUMINAIRE TECHNOLOGIES &  available through Green Earth Lighting Parshield®
Fits on all Dusk to Dawn Barn Lights, Low Cost
Also available through Green Earth Lighting

Larger view
Also available through Green Earth Lighting,
Also available through Starry Night Lights
See another and larger view
See IDA Information Sheet 159 - Shielding Floodlights
RAB Lighting, 170 Ludlow Avenue  Northvale, New Jersey 07647  Tel: 888-RAB-1000 or 201-784-8600  Fax: 888-RAB-1232 or 201-784-0077 
SHY Downblaster (link is on wall pack page)

Fits fixtures by, RAB, Lumak, American, Heath-Zenith, Regent, NCI, Electripak, Designers Edge

Shades Catalog Page (.pdf)
SHR1A, SHR1W  (link to wall pack page)

Shades Catalog Page (.pdf)
RAB Wall Pack Visor
RAB Wall Pack Blinder
Shields Created on site to cut or reduce light trespass
This is a shield placed over an old style unshielded wall pack.   The shield should be painted a light color on the underside so as to reflect more light down to the ground.
Larger view
Effectively Shielding Outdoor Lighting by Cliff Haas -- This is an important resource for the do-it-your-selfer.  The site provides a number of examples of easy and  inexpensive ideas to improve outdoor lighting. 
The example to the left is from PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) Floodlight Shields Plans.
See IDA Information Sheet  159 - Shielding Floodlights,  by Bob Crelin
This shield is placed over a wall mounted flat lens shoe box.
This wall is about 8 feet from the adjoining property.
However it appear to be far more shielding than necessary.
Larger view

Notes on Modification of Light Fixtures --

1. Fixture modifications may invalidate the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification.
1.a. Any modification which compromises the integrity of the fixture, such as drilling of holes etc. should be avoided.  This invalidates the UL certification.
1.b. Modifications which would cause excess heat to build up in the fixture, such as fully enclosing a fixture in a box etc. should be avoided.
1.c. By compromising the UL approval, the modifier, property owner, and others may be liable if fixture failure causes a fire or other damage.
1.d. UL provides field certification of fixtures.  For a large modification projects field certification may be a prudent approach.

2. Use manufacturers shielding.
2.a. Most manufactures provide shield for flood lights, house side shields or additional shielding for fixtures they manufacture.

3. Photometrics.
3.a. While it is the intent of a shield to modify the photometrics of a fixture, reduction of the light pattern in the intended target area should be avoided.
3.b. If it is shown that the intended light levels have been reduced below the jurisdictions minimum levels, liability may be an issue.
3.c.  When ever possible paint the underside of shields white or silver, thus increasing light levels in the intended target area.

4. Legal Notice
4.a. Because of liability issues, International Dark-Sky Association does not support or condone modifications of light fixtures.
4.b. Information presented here and in our Information Sheets is for educational purposes only. 

5. Underwriters Laboratories
5.a.  Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL),  is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and standards-writing organization.  UL has been testing products for more than 110 years. 
5.b.  There are no laws specifying that a UL Mark must be used. However, in the U.S. there are many municipalities that have laws, codes or regulations which require a product to be tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory before it can be sold in their area.
5.c.  Many companies make it their policy to obtain UL Listing not only to minimize the possibility of local non-acceptance, but also as a matter of corporate policy and commitment to minimize the possibility of risk in the use of their products.
5.d.  UL is concerned with the safety aspect of all potentially hazardous products.
5.e.  UL primarily exists because of "liability issues" as is evident in 5.d. above.

Please help us collect photographs and description or web links that show how various fixtures have been modified to reduce light pollution or light trespass.

25 DEC 2007
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