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Coast-Instrument Add Pathfinder 8"

Here are some shots of a partially restored 8" F8 PATHFINDER
This scope is owned by Jack Sales of Citrus Heights California.

Coast Pathfinder

Upper Tube Assembly

Coast Finder

Pathfinder 8"


This is a 8" F8 which is being restored to operation.   It is not the intent to restore to original condition, but to create a nice usable telescope.

The business end showing the HYDRO-GLIDE Focuser and Coast finder.   The tube covers were recently added.

This is an original Coast finder however the mounting rings may be from another manufacturer.

Mirror Cell Detail

End Ring Gap

The Original Spider and
an added stiffening ring



Stiffening Ring and Original Spider

This is the original mirror cell and components.   The knurl nut and spring were  replaced with Stainless Steel wing nut and spring.  The points where the spring presses against the cell were counter bored to help center the spring on the tension screws to improve the action.

This photo shows the type and design of End  Rings used by Coast.  The Mirror Cell Detail and Spider photos show how the End Ring is riveted to the tube.

From this shot you can see the rivets used  to hold the end ring together and to the tube.
 A ring was added to increase the stiffness to the tube as it was collapsing over time due to the tension of the spider.  The spider is original.

Pathfinder Telescope Mount pathfinder mount

Closer View of a
Pathfinder Mount

The Pathfinder Mount
as advertised

Original  Tube
Mounting Clamp

Closer view of the Pathfinder Mount

pathfinder mount
original tube mounting clamp

The original mount did not have a motor drive or the clamping rings as shown.  The motor drive  may be a Coast however most likely it is a Cave.

The original pathfinder mount was painted a sand color using a textured splatter effect.

This is how the tube was attached to the pathfinder saddle.

Added features and additions to the original pathfinder mount.

New Hardware

Motor Drive

Improved Tube Ring Clamps


Motor Drive

New Ring Clamps

All exposed hardware has been replaced with Stainless Steel as seen in this close up of the pear cap and RA mounting.

This motor drive is most likely a Cave but could just as well be a Coast.  The original mounting for the worm gear was replaced.  The original sleeve bearing were replaced with ball bearing and a ball bearing thrust adjustment.

The saddle was milled out to accommodate new 1.5in x .125in ring clamps.   The clamps are in three pieces one short segment on each side of the saddle and one 1/2 circle over the top.   The rings are clamped with a over center  latch.  The 1/2 circle is held onto one of the short segments with a cabinet hinge.
More on this under rotating rings.

28 DEC 2006
Updated 16 SEP 2004

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