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Pasadena and Los Angeles Basin Jan 2001
Pasadena and Los Angeles Basin January 31, 2001
While northern California struggles with rolling blackouts Light Pollution continues unabated.

This web site is about freedom from all forms of Light Pollution.
Freedom from Sky Glow.  Freedom from Glare.  Freedom from Light Trespass.

The Night Sky Belongs To Us All.  It Is Part Of The Commons.
Don't loose sight of the night, defend our views of the Milky Way.

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Death Valley Works to preserve night sky.
by Alicia Chang - AP Science Writer The Associated Press

This story was carried by many newspapers during late December 2008
For additional links see Media Coverage of Light Pollution
For additional background and NPS Night Sky Team links see Dark Parks and Dark Sky Preserves

----  Followed days later by another related story  ----
Sea lions along Sacramento River blamed for salmon decline
Media Coverage of Light Pollution
Vanishing Sacramento River Salmon - The Threat of Light Pollution
A review of issues relating to outdoor lighting along the Sacramento River and other locations.

Dark Skies for Kern River Valley, Kern County, CA

Citizens for Smart Lighting, San Francisco, CA

Recent  news story on this event!  
Dr. David Blask, Travis Longcore, Ph.D. & others to speak on Light Pollution
Doctor Speaks out on artificial light
The Daily Star, New York

See also a local page Light at Night (LAN) and Health

Vanishing Sacramento River Salmon - The Threat of Light Pollution

Light Pollution and Dark Sky Issues

Dark Sky Activism in California

Outdoor Lighting

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